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Document Translation
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Document Translation

Translation of medical and other documents into a foreign language is on the list of required organizational services offered by facilitators in the field of international medical tourism. The service is an integral part of arranging travelling for those seeking treatment, recovery, or complex diagnostic checkup abroad. 

When it comes to human health and life, the translation of medical documentation is certainly to be checked by specialists who boast years of experience and are well aware of pros and cons of such type of translation. Even minor mistakes and inaccuracies while translating a medical report or doctor’s opinion may significantly affect the follow-up treatment and do considerable harm to the patient’s health.

Unlike other types of translation, the medical one differs on its highly complicated nature, peculiarities, wide use of terms, industry words, and special abbreviations requiring careful and thorough approach. Medical texts should be as dry as dust using neither literary language nor epithets and being as close to the original source as possible. Specialists dealing with documents of medical nature should possess excellent level of foreign language mastery as well as good understanding of Latin and norms and standard execution of medical documentation.     

The list of medical documents that you might need abroad during the treatment, recovery, or complex diagnostic checkup and that under any circumstances require translation, most frequently cover:

  • health record (medical history)
  • doctors’ opinions and treatment regimen
  • surgery minutes
  • research and analysis outcomes
  • health certificates
  • reports on the use of medicine, etc.

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