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I have never heard about Panamedical Consulting Ltd. Who is this company?

Panamedical Consulting Ltd. is a London-based international company. Company offers consulting, educational and legal services in medicine. Due to vast cooperation experience with leading medical centres in different countries of the world we have an opportunity to organize fast and high quality any therapeutic, diagnostic and health programmes in countries where we work (Western Europe, Central and Southeast Europe, CIS countries, Southeast Asia and also the USA). Medical tourism has become one of our priority directions. Medical Tourism Department (MT Department) has been ensuring organization of medical service globally for several years offering medical and health-improving tours for clients to leading medical centres of the world.

I understood that your web-site is an electronic version of international medical tourism directory. How can I order a printed version of the Directory if I live in Russia?

You can place an order on our web-site by paying us via credit card or using internet store Amazon. Besides you can contact our representative in Ukraine and CIS countries - Health & Beauty Consulting (Kiev) at +380 (44) 585-06-31.

There is a discount card on your web-site providing discounts for treatment and some other services. When will it be available and what is its validity term? Where do I get information about list of clinics and companies offering discount card services?

Special discount card is valid during 1 year. At the end of the year it can be reissued. Discount card is activated from February 1, 2011 and is valid till January 31, 2012. In the beginning of 2011 you can find full information on our web-site about clinics and companies offering discount card services. Follow news on our web-site.

I have not found necessary procedure on your web-site. What do I do?

If you have not found necessary procedure on our web-site please contact us and we will provide you with all necessary information in a short period of time. Cooperation with a large number of medical establishments and mediators enables us to cover nearly all effective treatment methods and medical technologies. We are always happy to provide our clients with all necessary information.

I have firmly decided to continue treatment only abroad. However my GP doubts about the necessity to get treatment abroad. Some of his objections seem reasonable. How can we talk all together to come to final conclusion?

Doctor is a person who you trust your health to and who is responsible for you. His concerns justified. In some cases long distance trip can be a risk. Our medical consultant can help you in evaluation of safety and efficiency of programme chosen by you. This can be made during many-sided online video-conference.

Several days ago I underwent a medical procedure. Now I need rehabilitation treatment in Israel. Can I choose such treatment independently on the site and then contact your manager to order a tip?

This case is individual. First you should contact our consultant who responds your question. Also opinion of your GP is important. Perhaps he has already made your rehabilitation plan where time and conditions necessary for your rehabilitation are indicated. Please contact our consultant at +442036080408 or email at

In our country I can not get medical services whenever I want despite the fact of having insurance policy. Will your company be able to organise treatment in the nearest future? Will I be able to reimburse a part of money spent based on my insurance at insurance company?

Yes, we can organise you a treatment in convenient for you time. Perhaps even your insurance company will partially reimburse money spent for your treatment. Please contact our consultant for further information.

Why prices for medical services of some clinics are so low?

There are several reasons. Firstly in these countries level of salaries of specialists and expenditures of medical centers is at least twice lower than in countries of Western Europe and USA. Secondly, insurance system including Medical Malpractice is different and expenditures are different as well. These factors along with other additional draws stipulate cost-effective prices enabling clinics to ensure their patients high level of medical services at affordable prices.

I would like to ask specific questions regarding a stay of people accompanying a patient. However my English is bad. How can I get a consultation in Russian?

Fell free to contact us at +442036080408 (our international call-center). Operators speak English and Russian. You can also send us an e-mail at in Russian.

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