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Flight Booking
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Flight Booking

After you have decided on the medical centre for undergoing a treatment or recovery course or complex checkup and have cleared the dates of stay there with the administration, you will have to book and buy a return flight ticket. The earlier you do this, the less the travel expenses.

Today, most airline companies offer tickets for scheduled flights of national and international companies available through on-line booking. These include one-way tickets, round-trip tickets, and flights with several transfers. Transfer from one flight to another usually takes place in a transit area with no additional documents required. But if you travel through Australia, the USA, leave the transit area, move to another airport, or have to stop over at a hotel, airport officials will demand a special visa for the term of no more than 3 days. All these issues should necessarily be clarified and accounted for in advance and a transit visa opened at need.

Managers of medical tourism provider company will help you book tickets to the selected country for you and/or for an accompanying person. Based on your preferences and financial possibilities, they will select for you all accessible flights in several airline companies starting from the minimal price and provide you full information about the flight. Timing will also be considered while selecting the flight. After you have chosen the flight, company managers will book and buy out the tickets and hand them over to you right before the flight, coordinate you, and give detailed comment on the flight schedule.

If you need to book airline tickets for medical travel, leave us a message and our operator will choose optimal variants of return flights for you according to your preferences.

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