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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a unique system of modern medical practices and teachings, which have originated in Ancient China based on observations over the functions of the human organism and their further systematisation.

Traditional Chinese medical system views the human being as part of nature. It is based on studying “solid” (Yin) and “hollow” (Yang) organs, biologically active points all over the body, and circulation of vital energy Qi along the meridians, which connect all organs. Traditional Chinese medicine also makes use of plant and animal remedies able to regulate energy circulation in the human organism and restore inner harmony. Besides, it applies such treatment and recovery methods as massage, acupuncture (needle therapy), and breathing gymnastics. It is important to note that Chinese medicine largely gives consideration to the prevention of diseases, not their treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine has formed and developed in close connection with Chinese philosophy. This is why everything that occurs in the world of humans or nature is viewed by Chinese scholars as an interrelation of two opposing aspects of the universal reality — Yin and Yang. Accordingly, a disease is regarded by Chinese scholars as a disturbed balance between these two forces, the strife between the protective forces of the human organism.

The system of traditional Chinese medicine encompasses the theory of disease origin, methods of diagnostics and treatment, and is dramatically different from the Western medical system.

The doctor in Chinese medicine diagnoses a patient by means of four major methods:

  • checkup
  • questioning
  • palpation
  • auscultation

Treatment is performed applying medicinal remedies exclusively of plant, animal or mineral origin, as well as methods of acupuncture (needle therapy), therapeutic Tui na massage, foot massage, vacuum cups, and other less known methods.

Even today, traditional Chinese medicine demonstrates stunning results in treating a wide range of diseases of varying severity. This is partly achieved through utilizing hidden reserves of the human organism and restoring the harmony of Qi energy circulation.

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