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Unani Tibb

Unani Tibb

Unani Tibb is one of the systems of Indian traditional Vedic medicine practiced alongside Ayurveda, Siddha, Emchi, and other medical teachings from around the world.

“Unani Tibb” in Arabic means “Greek medicine”. This is perhaps owing to the founders of this system, who are considered to be Greek scientists, doctors, and philosophers. Having originated in Ancient Greece, Unani Tibb spread to the Arab countries, and from there to India. In India it finally took shape, sinking in knowledge and experience of scholars from various nationalities and religions, underwent a series of changes, and survived till our times specifically in the Indian adaptation.

Unani Tibb system is based on the Ancient Greek concept of four temperaments/humours and four natural elements predefining and affecting, human health.

According to the Unani Tibb medical system, the composition and structure of the human organism is based on seven constituents or working principals of the body forming a complex interaction system:

aza (organs)

arwah (life spirits or vital breaths)

quva (energy)

afa’al (action)

arkan (elements)

mizaj (temperament)

akhlat (humour, temper, body type).

Four primary elements — aag (fire), mitti (earth), pani (water), hava (air) — combine to develop organs (aza) and vital breaths (arwah), which in their turn combine to develop energy. Energy (quva) is the cause of all physiological processes occurring in the human organism.

Unani Tibb system also specifies four humours, which determine bodily functions. These are khoon (blood), safra (yellow bile), sauda (black bile), and balghan (phlegm). Any kind of disproportion of these four humours in the human organism causes diseases, destruction of the organism, and even death.

Unani Tibb, just as many Oriental systems, affords great attention not only to internal organs, their state and diseases, but also to the human temperament. The latter, in the opinion of Indian scholars, may have considerable effect on a person’s well-being. Basing on the study of temperament, doctors make a diagnosis, determine treatment methods and remedies best suited for a particular patient, and can eliminate or prevent a disease.

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