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How It Works
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How It Works

On our Portal you can see detailed information about the leading countries in the field of medical and health tourism, the leading medical and health facilities and their services, about companies, which help with the organization of treatment and rehabilitation programs, about hotels and restaurants in the region of interest, and many others.

Users of our site can also receive more information and ask questions by filling out a special form, or call our managers by Skype, as well as send a message on Facebook. We will respond to your request within 3 days and will provide you with requested information.

In addition, with the help of our partners and representatives (tour operators, travel agencies and agents), we can advise and provide in our office a variety of services about the organization of therapeutic, prophylactic or diagnostic trips abroad. Information about our partners and representatives is available in the section "Contacts".

If you choose on your own among showed institutions and companies, do not hesitate and order the necessary services in the section of information and advertising (Contacts). Then you must fill and send a contact form.

To save on the services of the companies displayed on the site you can receive from us a discount card with available discount up to 15%.

Today we offer 4 types of accommodation information on companies in the Information and Advertising Blocks (IAB) of our Portal. Each option implies certain conditions and the list of services (hereinafter – Services) that we offer to the client to promote his company:

Type "Standard" – € 250.

Type "Optimal" – € 500.

Type "Premium" – € 850.

Exclusive * – price is negotiable.

* Exclusive accommodation requires coordination with the customer of special conditions of accommodation and cost of services which are determined individually.

To get information about the list of Services which involves each of these packages and to place your company on the Portal, please contact our managers:

To place information about the company and its services, as well as banner advertising, you need to contact us by phone or email ("Contacts").

It is very easy: 

Complete the treatment inquiry form

Allow 3 working days for at least three pre-screened hospitals to process your data and get back to you with treatment options, duration of stay, and cost estimates

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Treatment rates
ColombiaTeeth whitening
$ 410
PortugalDental fillings
$ 120
GreeceRoot canal
$ 140
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