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Insurance in Medical Tourism
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Guidelines for Insurance in Medical Tourism

When buying a health insurance, many people are concerned with the possibility of treatment or check-up abroad. Without doubt, such possibility should be specified in the conditions of a health insurance agreement. The agreement between an insured person and an insurance company should explicitly specify that medical services may be provided abroad. In one case, medical services can be provided in foreign medical centres, which have concluded appropriate agreements with the insurance company, so that expenses are covered according to these agreements. In other case, the insured patient, who has personally paid for required medical attendance abroad, receives a refund (full or partial) from the insurance company later on.

In each of the mentioned cases medical services should be covered by the conditions of an insurance agreement, their list and volume accorded in advance with the insurance company. The fact of service provision and all expenses incurred by the patient in relation thereto should be documented in written, in particular, by invoices, acts, tickets, etc.

You should be extremely attentive when choosing an insurance plan and insurance company. Not all insurance companies have the possibility to cover treatment or check-up of insured clients abroad. In most countries of the world, it is sooner an exception than a rule. Insurance companies always cut costs on health insurance coverage of their clients. Therefore, this coverage certainly cannot be more expensive than in their home country, or otherwise there may be particular difficulties with its obtaining, in particular, concerning the terms.

When documenting a health insurance agreement, you need to get a clear idea of the notion of insured even, because many diseases demanding costly treatment do not always fall under this category. In such cases, the insurance company can refuse to cover expenses incurred by the insured patient, as well as their advance payment.

The insurance company will not cover the treatment of diseases, chronic ones in particular, which may be discovered during a medical examination before concluding an insurance agreement. Moreover, treatment of the disease intentionally concealed by the patient from the insurance company at concluding such agreement will not be considered an insured event.

You should always pay attention to the terms and conditions of health insurance agreement fulfilment. Most often, the effective term of such agreement does not exceed one year. The agreement may come into effect either from the moment of its conclusion and payment of an insurance contribution, or after a particular event, for example, successful completion of medical check-up. Some diseases may develop during the effective term of the agreement, but manifest and therefore demand treatment only after its termination. In this case, you can receive insurance coverage only if you necessarily specify in the agreement the possibility of insurance liability prolongation.

You should be aware that if you travel to receive medical care abroad, the demands for the insured patient become much stricter. Additional conditions may be applied to the patient, in particular, concerning vaccination, restriction of stay on particular territories, continuous communication with insurance company representatives. Non-fulfilment of these conditions can result in the insurance company’s refusal from its contracting obligations.

You can receive guidelines of insurance professionals from our online support.

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