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Patients travelling abroad for undergoing a treatment course, recovery, rehabilitation, or complex checkup often encounter difficulties in foreign language communication — especially with doctors and supporting medical personnel. Quite understandable that mastery of a foreign language at everyday level is a far cry from understanding complex medical terms. This is why clinics and medical tourism providers offer their clients to avail of the services of professional interpreters with specialised knowledge of medical area. The interpreter supports the patient through all stages of treatment during inpatient or outpatient stay at the clinic:

  • during all treatment and checkup procedures
  • at doctor’s appointment
  • during communication with medical personnel.

The interpreter facilitates and simplifies the contact with medical personnel. He may provide support to the patient during specific procedures only (by the client’s choice), or during the whole time of stay at a medical centre. Besides, the interpreter not just helps the patient in communication with doctors and medical personnel but can advise how to resolve everyday issues, adapt in the country, and overcome the language barrier, all for the most convenient and enjoyable stay during the treatment time.

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