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Medical Tourism
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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is usually defined as medical service arrangements for patients outside their home country.  In addition, in terms of economic activity, these health services should be available,  on a continuous basis, in as much as  foreign citizens are the primary consumers.

Another distinctive feature of health travel is that it allows one to combine treatment from highly qualified professionals with leisure in countries with unique climates.

It would be well to note that medical tourism should by no means be confused with traditional therapeutic trips, even when those include certain medical services in spa resorts and hotels.  In the first place, the term “medical tourism” implies major comprehensive medical treatment abroad, as opposed to minor procedures.  Most patients travel overseas to undergo serious surgical procedures, such as hip or heart valve replacement.

A number of companies exist to set up medical tours, taking account of all aspects of travel, from arranging paperwork and finding a medical or rehabilitative institution, to providing visa support and patient supervision upon request, as well as a wide range of other services.

Today, we witness the development of a global market for medical services, featuring a specific structure, encompassing medical management, accredited institutions, health travel agencies, tour operators, lawyers specialising in the field and others.  

Medical tourism encourages both the patient and doctor to take a fresh approach to the organisation of the system of medical treatment.  “Patients without borders!” - as the motto of contemporary medicine - is truly rewarding.  Unable to treat a health problem in their home countries, for one reason or another, patients at their own discretion can choose country, medical or rehabilitative institution, and even a particular specialist, who can offer them essential examination, treatment, and follow-up care.  

Medical and rehabilitation services abroad are largely enjoyed by patients from regions with underdeveloped health care systems or inaccessible medical technologies (due to a variety of reasons).  With increasing frequency,  treatment in a foreign country becomes the last hope for recovery and accurate diagnosis for these people.  The most popular medical destinations at present are Thailand, India, Malaysia, Germany and Israel.

The second reason - regardless of its banality - is money.  In many cases, in fact, the cost for plastic surgery or any other type of surgical procedure abroad is either the same or even lower than back in the home country, as it is for dental treatment.

A further spur to the development of the medical tourism industry is that of the banning or legal restriction of certain types of medical intervention in a number of states, including those of fertility treatments (IVF with surrogacy and/or donation), stem cell treatments, organ transplantation, induced abortion, etc.  As a result, hundreds of patients from medically safe countries in Western Europe (Germany, Italy, Sweden, France and other) are heading to India, Ukraine, the USA, and Thailand.

Along with affordable prices, among the key advantages of health institutions offering services to overseas patients are bespoke service and personal involvement; cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, capable of carrying out extremely accurate diagnoses and determining treatment programmes, and internationally acclaimed specialists who place the patient’s comfort and a caring approach above all else.  As many patients prefer to keep their procedures confidential, this wish is respected and guaranteed without question.

Therefore, modern medical tourism encompasses all basic types of treatment and rehabilitation offered in contemporary health care to an ever-growing number of people looking to combine leisure with high-quality treatment.

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