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Neurosurgery deals with the issues of operative and non-operative treatment of a wide range of nervous system diseases, in particular:

  • tumours and vessel anomalies of spinal medulla, nerve roots and their lining;
  • brain and brain lining tumours;
  • central and peripheral pain syndrome;
  • spine diseases and traumas with neurologic syndromes of irritation, prolabse and herniation of intervertebral disk;
  • infections of nervous system, anomalies of its development, and many more.

The leading medical establishments of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Hungary, Slovenia, and the USA conduct diagnostics, treatment and post-operative rehabilitation applying innovative equipment.

Previously diseases of nervous system were considered incurable and resulted in death or disability at best. But today the percentage of successful surgeries, after which patients return to a productive and healthy lifestyle, is increasing each year.  

The modern neurosurgeon employs the whole range of methods:

  • magnetic resonance tomography (MRT);
  • state-of-the-art instruments and implants;
  • medical computer visualization of fine structures of the brain and spinal medulla;
  • endoscopic methods;
  • robotized surgical systems;
  • neuronavigation;
  • gamma knife;
  • intraoperative USD;
  • digital substraction angiography;
  • Carotid endarterectomy (CEA);
  • intraoperative fluorescent navigation;
  • methods of stereotactic radiosurgery, and many other high-technological methods of diagnostics and treatment of nervous system diseases.

The most complicated endovascular and micro neuro surgeries are performed under the operative microscope and can last from 20 minutes up to 4 hours and longer.

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