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Poland’s Plastic Surgery Prices Go Up

Poland’s Plastic Surgery Prices Go Up

Monday July 18, 2011

Due to a dramatic increase in VAT starting January 2011, Polish beauty industry had to provide quite an expected response. In Polish beauty clinics prices for cosmetic surgeries have increased by almost a quarter, according to daily Rzeczpospolita.

Cosmetic surgeons forecast this can lead to a disintegration of the plastic surgery industry.

“The interest in plastic surgery still remains high, yet many people do not undergo surgery because of financial reasons,” Monika Chomiuk from Artplastica clinic said.

“Our foreign customers now have to pay more, which reduces our competitiveness in the global market. Right now, our prices make us marginally more competitive than Belgium. However, we are not even trying to catch up with the Czechs because it is simply impossible. More and more Poles have their cosmetic surgeries performed in the Czech Republic or in one of the eastern countries,” she said.

Representatives of the Polish Association of Medical Tourism say the country welcomed around 250,000 international patients seeking plastic surgery in 2010 alone.

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