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Mexican Researchers Developed Anti-Cocaine Vaccine

Mexican Researchers Developed Anti-Cocaine Vaccine

Monday September 05, 2011

The National Institute of Psychiatry in Mexico, where scientists have long worked on creating a special vaccine able to neutralize the effects of cocaine on a human organism, has made public the first successful results.

A number of tests have been carried out on rats. They were injected a triple lethal dose of cocaine, however the drug did not even cause increased heartbeat in the tested animals. The scientists are soon planning to test the vaccine on humans.

The effect of the vaccine is as follows: after its injection it provokes an immune response in which the white cells or lymphocytes block drug molecules, preventing the passage of cocaine into the brain. As a result, no drug intoxication follows.

In the short run, Mexican researchers are planning to start creating the vaccine able to block the effect of other narcotic substances: heroin, morphine and nicotine. Such a breakthrough will become a substantial tool to combat drug addiction in the world.

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