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First Time in Russia a Live Trachea Was Transplanted

First Time in Russia a Live Trachea Was Transplanted

Wednesday August 03, 2011

Thursday, 23 December, the surgeons of the B.V.Petrovsky Russian Scientific Centre of Surgery (RSCS) made an official announcement that they managed to transplant a “self-growing” trachea first time in Russia.

The technique implies that a patient is transplanted a trachea composed of his own cells, instead of a donor organ, which later might be rejected by the organism as a foreign body. In the latter case a patient needs to take immune suppressant drugs for years. The new method developed by the Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini allows to take a “framework” of donor trachea completely stripped of foreign cells and to overgrow it with the patient’s own cells. When the “new” organ is transplanted into the organism, the cells start to grow and develop the necessary trachea tissues, with time forming a fully functional healthy organ. This almost excludes rejection reaction and possibility of various infections.

The first Russian surgery using this technique was performed under the supervision of RSCS Prof. Vladimir Parshin. The patient was a 26-old woman from Kazakhstan. Four years ago, after a terrible accident, she stayed in coma for 9 months which lead to trachea degradation. The surgery lasted for 6 hours.

For the present, after more than two weeks after the surgery, the patient is able to walk on her own, which was hardly possible for her before. She feels better than prior to the surgery and is preparing to leave the hospital. However, she will have to undergo some follow-up treatment with the Centre’s specialists.

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