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New Female Infertility Treatment

New Female Infertility Treatment

Thursday August 11, 2011

Swiss scholars have made a real breakthrough in fertility treatment — they offered infertile women to undergo uterus transplantation.

Scientists of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg performed test uterus transplant surgery on rats. The research results have shown that the rodents had no problems in getting pregnant and bearing healthy offsprings.

Lisa Johansson was part of this project. She stated in her commentary that uterus transplantation can come up to the expectation of hundreds of women unable to bear a child as of today. She considers this method an alternative to child adoption or surrogacy.

Apart from testing rats, scientists have performed successful uterus transplantation in mice, sheep, and swine with their anatomy being in many ways similar to human organism. At present, it is planned to continue clinical trials on baboons. If the results are positive, the next step will be test transplantation in humans. By the estimations of the scientists themselves, this procedure will become available within the next 2 years.

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