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Birth Through Skype: Welcome to the XXI Century!

Birth Through Skype: Welcome to the XXI Century!

Thursday October 06, 2011

In Mexico doctors assisted in the delivery consulting the woman’s husband via Internet phone service Skype. Delivery went well, and a healthy baby was born. The 24-year-old Mexican woman Rossana Manterola was the one to go through such an unusual delivery process, reports Supreme2.Ru. She went to have a rest with her husband at their country house when she felt labor pains. Her husband called the ambulance, but the doctors would have to travel for over two hours. While the ambulance was on its way medics offered the husband to assist in the delivery and promised to consult him via Skype. As a result, the woman has successfully delivered a boy weighing 3.2 kg and feels well. The parents do not exclude the possibility to name their son Skype.

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