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Feline Therapy, Or Cat Assistance

Feline Therapy, Or Cat Assistance

Friday October 14, 2011

Cats have traditionally been recognized as a kind of healers for human diseases. There is even a specific branch of science — feline therapy or treatment of humans with the help of these animals. The effectiveness of such “treatments” depends on close communication, mutual understanding and demonstrations of love between these animals and a human. The list of diseases curable with cat’s help is rather long including: arthritis, insomnia, atherosclerosis, kidney diseases, bronchitis, dizziness, head- and toothache, heart and blood vessel diseases, depression, brain haemorrhage, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other diseases. There are evidences that these animals have helped in curing oncology.

So why is feline (cat) therapy so effective in most cases?

A cat is a perfect diagnostician — it can sense the unhealthy organ in the human organism. Squeezing up against such areas, the animal purrs loudly and starts kneading letting out its claws, which are fast to skin over and are not followed by inflammations.

Moreover, cats are able to restore its master’s bio field. When stroking a cat, humans perform palm massage including the bio-active points corresponding to major organs. Cat energy brings about the correct functioning of human organs. Cat purring relaxes and pacifies the human nervous system, strengthens bones, improves blood circulation in brain and heart rhythm, stabilizes blood pressure, while their fine and soft fur produces low-frequency currents that kill microbes and facilitate tissue healing.

According to scientists, cats of any colouring possess the healing powers. The black ones, though, have more powerful energy compared to others. Also, female cats can produce a stronger healing effect than male cats. Long-haired animals are good healers from depression, insomnia, and irritability. Heart and blood vessel diseases are best treated by cats with short but thick fur. Short-haired and bald cats help well in cases of kidney and stomach diseases.

It is interesting to know that female cats help treat disorders of the nervous system and internal organs, while male cats help with the diseases of bones and spine. Fore example, Highland Fold cats of can treat bronchitis as well as a nebulizer.

But you should never force your cat to treat you. A cat knows best the correct area and time for applying its influence to produce a positive effect. An active cat is able to treat more often and for longer periods.

Scientists have also found out that cats in the house prevent allergic reactions and asthma in children, because they form immunity to pet hairs, house dust, and plant pollen since early childhood.

It has been determined that cat owners live on average several years longer and apply for medical help by 18% less often compared to other people.

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