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“Beware Of Surgery!” Project Of German Surgeons

“Beware Of Surgery!” Project Of German Surgeons

Thursday October 20, 2011

German surgeons are joining forces to prevent unnecessary surgeries. From now on, all patients in doubt of the necessity of going under the knife can receive consultations from the leading German doctors via a specialized website. This initiative has already received support from several insurance companies, reports Germania-online.

Medical care prices in Germany are surging geometrically. Importantly, major share of expenses accounts for surgeries that are often ungrounded. The 12 country’s leading surgeons have been greatly concerned with this problem and decided to launch the “Beware of surgery!” project. There is already a working website over the Internet where each patient can get an independent opinion before going under the knife.

If you send your X-rays, examination and test results to the e-mail address of this portal and answer a number of questions, you will get the surgeon’s opinion as to the advisability of the surgical intervention within two weeks. Above all else, the project initiators are aiming at reducing the number of knee, hip, shoulder, and spine surgeries. In their opinion, surgical interventions into these very areas are most often either pointless or bring more harm than benefit.

“I have witnessed grievous results of many surgical interventions, — points out an acclaimed expert in treating spine conditions Dr. Jürgen Harms. — And I also witness people with disc hernia who feel excellent without any surgeries”.

He believes that in 50% of cases disc hernia can be successfully treated with non-radical methods. “I can’t tolerate that far and wide surgical interventions are performed which are of advantage to the doctor and not the patient”, — agrees a Heidelberg based surgeon and knee problem specialist Prof. Hans Pässler.

Doctors’ flame of indignation is also fed by an excessive number of correctional surgeries. This especially concerns the field of plastic surgery where patients are often unable to make a reasonable judgment as to the necessity of the intervention and are ready to pay a pretty sum for the procedure they will regret having undergone afterwards.

The new portal will serve as the last frontier of common sense for a patient at the crossroads of choices. The cost of a website specialist consultation will be about €200 to 600. Many a person will have to pay this sum out of his/her own pocket. However, two German insurance offices have already agreed to include this point into the list of services covered.

Note that about 13 million surgical interventions are performed annually in Germany, most of them — on musculoskeletal apparatus: muscles, bones, cartilages, and ligaments. By the estimates of the World Health Organization, half of post-operative complication cases could have been avoided.

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