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10 top reasons for miscarriages

10 top reasons for miscarriages

Friday November 04, 2011

Statistics show that 15-20% of all pregnancy cases end up in miscarriages. In most cases, this happens when a woman is not yet aware of her pregnancy. But at times this befalls mothers who became attached to little dwellers inside. How can they find consolation? Only becoming pregnant again. However, a quick overview of factors causing miscarriages will bring benefit both for those having lived through such an experience and those spared by it. Here we shall concern with early term miscarriages up to 12 weeks, when the vast majority of them do occur.

Here are the most frequent reasons for miscarriages at early terms:

Genetic abnormalities in the fetus. This factor is responsible for about 73 percent of miscarriages. Such abnormalities are generally not hereditary but caused by mutagenic environmental factors (radiation, professional harmful factors, viruses, etc.) Miscarriages due to this cause are a kind of natural selection — to get rid of nonviable offsprings. There are practically no ways to prevent such miscarriages — only to reduce the risk of genetic abnormalities before conception by protecting oneself from mutagenic factors.

Hormonal disbalance. Most often it is the lack of progesterone — pregnancy hormone. In case of timely detection pregnancy can be saved through progesterone-based medications. Excess of male hormones, androgens, can also lead to early term miscarriage. The hormones of adrenal and thyroid glands influence the development of pregnancy as well, so abnormalities in these organs may cause miscarriages.

Immunological reasons. Rhesus incompatibility may account for early miscarriages. It can be prevented with progesterone-based medications producing an immunomodulatory effect.

Sexually transmitted infections such as trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, chlamidiosis, herpes and cytomegaloviral infection. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses contaminate the fetus and damage fetal membranes, which causes a miscarriage. Therefore, such infections should be treated before pregnancy.

General infectious diseases and inflammatory processes of internal organs. Any disease with the symptoms of intoxication and high temperature above 38оС may cause miscarriages. Top of the list infections are German measles, viral hepatitis and flu. Even a common sore throat may be fatal in the 4th to 10th week of pregnancy. While pneumonia, pyelonephritis and appendicitis pause a grave danger to the fetus. For this reason, a full medical checkup is recommended before pregnancy to detect and treat all chronic infections.

Previous abortions. Abortions cause severe stress to the organism and may lead to dysfunctions in ovaries and adrenal glands, inflammatory processes in reproductive organs. This may result in infertility and recurrent miscarriages.

Medications and herbs. During the first trimester of pregnancy, try to avoid taking any medications — many can cause miscarriages or defects in the fetal development. Medicinal herbs such as parsley, nettle, cornflower (Centaurea), St.-John's wort (Hypericum) and tansy may cause miscarriages during early pregnancy.

Stresses. Severe fright or sudden grief, grudge or lasting mental and emotional overstrain are dangerous for the fetus. Discuss the possibility of taking sedative medications with your doctor, for example, Valeriana.

Unhealthy lifestyle. Taking alcohol or drugs, smoking, drinking coffee, unhealthy and unbalanced diet are all causes of miscarriages. Adjust your lifestyle before conception.

Falls, lifting weights, sexual intercourse may also lead to miscarriages, so take care of yourself and your little one!

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