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TEMOS Launched New Certificate for Quality in Medical Tourism for Hospitals and Clinics

TEMOS Launched New Certificate for Quality in Medical Tourism for Hospitals and Clinics

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Hospitals involved with medical tourism are offered an array of third party accreditation and certification services, ranging from detailed inspections to a certificate for little more than filling in a form and paying a fee. Reputable German international accreditor TEMOS has launched a new certificate for quality in medical tourism for hospitals and clinics - ‘Excellence in Medical Tourism’.

Health tourism is a rapidly growing market but treatment of international patients is a challenge. Quality, costs, culture, distances and legal aspects have to be kept in mind – demands which are not completely covered by any certification system.

Temos identified the demands of international patients and treating hospitals and transferred them into an international quality assessment system. Certified care providers get a neutral, professional assessment. Patients trust in the Temos Seal of Quality as a worldwide brand for certified quality in medical care.

Patients have unique requirements and needs when undergoing treatment outside of their own country. Pre-, on-site and post-treatment take place in different countries and have to be managed to assure high quality and cost-effective medical care on all levels and at all stages of the care cycle. Information, communication, interconnection between various services, administrative processes, and data security have to be organized cross-border.

The Temos “Excellence in Medical Tourism” programme focuses on the optimization of non-medical services. Certification for hospitals with an international patient centre covers the complete processing of non-medical services before, during and after treatment in the hospital and in cooperation with partners and referrers in compliance with international ethical, medical and qualitative requirements.  Application for the specific Temos medical tourism certificate is only available as an additional service in the Temos certification process. An on-site visit is obligatory. One option is a mock survey and gap analysis with feedback and consultancy. The other option is help in implementation of recommendations, assistance and monitoring.

For hospitals wanting to set up an international patient centre, Temos offers a consultancy package that includes a mock survey, gap analysis, feedback, help in implementation of recommendations, assistance and monitoring; with the option of an on-site visit as a start of the certification process.

Temos offers a range of accreditation services to international hospitals and dental clinics. After a self-evaluation questionnaire, Temos experts (always a team of an internationally experienced medical doctor and a quality management expert) carry out an on-site inspection. Based on professional judgment and with the management, the team discusses ways and options for optimized care and services. Hospitals and clinics meeting the Temos demands and passing the process obtain the Temos Certificate, the Seal of Quality for high quality medical services for international patients.

Temos also offers consultancy for hospitals, medical service providers and health ministries that intend to enter the health and medical tourism market. The organization recently partnered with Florida based medical tourism agency Orbicare to offer consultancy and certification in Latin America. Another new launch is Temos Aegean, offering certification and consultancy in Greece and Cyprus. This follows the certifications of its first two hospitals in Greece, Hygeia and Mitera, both part of the Hygeia Group.

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