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Croatia Will Boast Third Biggest Private Hospital in Europe

Croatia Will Boast Third Biggest Private Hospital in Europe

Monday January 23, 2012

A health institution in Dugopolje, Croatia, once completed, will be Europe's third biggest private hospital.

Spread over 12,000 square metres and with a total investment of 26 million Euros the Analiza Hospital in Dugopolje on the outskirts of the Adriatic port of Split will boost health tourism in southern Croatia.

"We develop a modern project that will have an impact not only in Croatia, but also in surrounding countries. At the moment, we have 14 departments, two operating theatres, a biochemistry lab, microbiology, cistology, genetics, complete radiology, CT, mamography, densitometry, ultrasound..." the hospital director Marin Bosotina commented in an interview with the Croatian Times.

"We expect to complete the next phase in 2012. That will include 4 operating theatres, a large rehabilitation department, intensive care, accommodation with 120 rooms for 220 patients together with restaurants, shopping centre, congress centre and a pharmacy," he added, admitting a good investor from abroad would be welcome.

"This project goes beyond Croatia. It is a European project. Once fully operative, Analiza will be the third biggest private hospital in Europe. We are unique not only for the size of the hospital, but also for our organisation, equipment and staff. We hired people who worked abroad, in the USA, Germany, France, Italy and gave them the opportunity to use their skills as well as the newest achievements of modern medicine," Marin Bosotina has concluded.

He counts on cheaper prices and high European standards of quality that they have already established.

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