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Preecha Aesthetic Institute Receives Award from Trans Female Association of Thailand

Preecha Aesthetic Institute Receives Award from Trans Female Association of Thailand

Tuesday February 21, 2012

The staff at Preecha Aesthetic Institute in Bangkok, Thailand has received award from the Trans Female Association of Thailand for numerous achievements in the field of transgender surgery (SRS – Sex Reassignment Surgery) and participation in the Sister's Hand project. Dr. Preecha and his team have selected 5 people out of 100 applicants for free SRS surgery. At present, the Trans Female Association of Thailand numbers about 400 female members – those are all men having undergone MtF (Male to Female) surgery. Preecha Aesthetic Institute is the world-renown center of transgender surgery.

Association President Yollada Krirkkong, formerly a man, shared her insight on the Association’s activities: “Our Association was founded 5 years ago to protect the rights of transsexuals (ladyboys, as they have been tagged in Thailand) and improve their life quality in all aspects. The charity project is sponsored by Dr. Preecha’s Clinic, Yanhee Hospital and Discovery Channel. The project is intended to support those individuals, who is confined and suffering within an alien body, male in particular … All candidates have undergone the fixed round of procedures required by the laws of Thailand – psychiatrist, endocrinologist, and have already lived for one year dressing and behaving like women. We are hoping to carry on with this project and counting to receive government support.”

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