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Destination Health

Destination Health

Wednesday June 30, 2011

26-27 June, 2010, another annual exhibition on international medical tourism “Destination Health” took place in London. The exhibition was held in one of the best exhibition centres of the UK – Olympia Exhibition Centre, which is known to host the biggest international exhibitions and conferences, as well as part of Sotheby’s auctions. Within the framework of the exhibition multiple trainings and lectures of the leading medical specialists, managers and marketologists took place.

Despite the delay of the exhibition due to the explosion of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland (initially the exhibition was scheduled for April), the organizers managed to bring together the participants from over 20 countries around the world. In total, there were about 200 medical service providers and their supporting organizations represented at the exhibition. Among most popular medical spheres were ophthalmology, dentistry, reproductive medicine, plastic surgery, addiction treatment, as well as Spa & Wellness.        

As usual, the exhibition was beneficial for those medical establishments, which aimed to enter the international marketplace. This year medical establishments from Turkey, India, Hungary and Thailand were traditionally dominant. However, new players also appeared among the participants: clinics from Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, New Zealand. Among the major clinics, Apollo Hospitals and Bangkok Medical Centre should be noted specifically. Hungary, Poland and Slovakia had the widest representation among the countries of Central and South-East European. This year there were no medical establishments from CIS countries, perhaps due to the economic crisis; although in the previous years, medical establishments from Ukraine and Russia were consistently present.  

Along with medical establishments, the participants of the exhibition included the Associations of Medical Tourism of Poland and Serbia, insurance companies, and the largest providers in the international market of medical tourism – Treatment Abroad, IHuman Medical Limited.

The visitors of the exhibitions had a chance to familiarize with the services of over 100 medical establishments, compare prices for medical programmes, receive free advice from independent experts, learn what new medical procedures and technologies are offered.

To attract visitors, many of the exhibition participants organized various special events: from free dental examination and Spa procedures to tasting dishes of the national cuisine.

Journalists from the British and international news channels, and also from the specialised editions on tourism and medicine, including the international magazines Fertility Road, International Medical Travel Journal, were invited to the exhibition.

Appeared in Medical Practice: Organizational and Legal Aspects Journal

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