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What Switzerland Has to Offer to Medical Tourists

What Switzerland Has to Offer to Medical Tourists

Thursday March 22, 2012

Switzerland’s medical tourism is on the rise. Unburdened by the financial crisis and now attracting new customers, the future looks bright for this area of business for the Swiss.

For many, medical tourism in Switzerland means euthanasia clinics. Indeed, the central Europeans are known for this gruesome type of medical service, yet they offer plenty more whilst earning healthily from it.

With mountain resorts and a spa tradition, the country is set to benefit from medical tourism even further. It has a huge advantage in the fact that people tend to associate Switzerland with cleanliness, impartiality and fair services. The fact that it recognizes privacy as a basic principle is also an advantage. The skill of Swiss plastic surgeons to conceal signs of surgical intervetion is way superior to that of US surgeons.

It has been expected that medical tourism in Switzerland will have grown by 20% by 2015 as a result of increased marketing activities of Switzerland Tourism. This will mean steady increases of the 30,000 people who currently visit each year. This is achievable as the Swiss have a high density of clinics and rehabilitation centers. They are also famous for a number of inventions surrounding the medical world, including the pacemaker and the cervical cancer vaccination. 

Before the crisis started, Switzerland competed for visitors with other spa countries such as Hungary and Slovakia. However, these countries have not had the resources to recuperate fully and rebuild, so the Swiss have taken advantage.

Another way of improving business is by targeting non-traditional sectors. Currently, the Swiss are hopeful of attracting middle class Saudi Arabians and not just the rich as before. As Eastern Europe gets richer, more medical tourists should come from those countries as well. For today, plastic surgery and cosmetology top the list of sought-for procedures among medical tourists, most of them coming from China, Russia and the Persian Gulf region.

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