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Fertility Treatment Bans Force Couples Search Opportunities Abroad

Fertility Treatment Bans Force Couples Search Opportunities Abroad

Monday June 11, 2012

Breaking news recently published on Associated Press and syndicated to hundreds of news outlets details fertility treatment bans in Europe. In response to these bans, Fertility Centers of Illinois has seen an uptick in international patients seeking treatment.

Laws regarding fertility treatment vary from country to country and ban facets of treatment such as surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, artificial insemination, and treatment options for couples needing this type of care, particularly single parents or gay couples. Examples of laws abroad include bans on egg donation in Germany and Norway, and bans on egg and sperm donation for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Austria and Italy. There are also bans on artificial insemination and IVF for single women and lesbian couples in France and Italy, and bans on surrogacy nearly everywhere except Ukraine are also in place.

Fertility Centers of Illinois has offered fertility treatment to couples abroad for years with their Creating Your Family program, and has treated countless international couples from places such as Canada, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Norway, and Uruguay, where native laws restrict fertility treatment options. Illinois is a particular area of interest due to liberal surrogacy laws special protection not found in many other states or countries for intended parents. These laws have resulted in Illinois ranking second in the U.S. and globally as it pertains to the number of surrogacy matches annually.

“International fertility law is not nearly as liberal as U.S. law regarding fertility treatment, especially as it relates to reproduction through donor and surrogacy options,” explains reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Angeline Beltsos, medical director of Fertility Centers of Illinois. “Infertility technology continues to advance, but an increase in legal restriction limits international care. Due to fertility treatment bans we continue to see more and more international patients in our practice.”

The Creating Your Family program provides treatment with cutting-edge fertility technologies coupled with the ease of an accommodating concierge program to facilitate care. Fertility Centers of Illinois has been recognized as a leading provider of fertility treatment, with the Creating Your Family program earning national and international recognition.

Fertility treatment is streamlined for international patients to require minimal visits while yielding maximum success rates. Fertility Centers of Illinois offers in house state-of-the-art laboratories, providing the most advanced technologies and procedures for infertility treatment. An online egg donor database allows couples to review donors and pursue treatment without delay. To make treatment affordable, Creating Your Family offers a 100% refund guarantee through the Attain IVF Program with donor egg cycles and a 70% refund guarantee with gestational carrier cycles. Fertility-friendly laws and accommodating programs continue to make the United States an ideal destination for couples abroad.

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