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Turkey’s Medical Sector Receives Assistance for Expanding Its Activities Overseas

Turkey’s Medical Sector Receives Assistance for Expanding Its Activities Overseas

Tuesday September 25, 2012

All medical institutions authorised by Ministry of Health will get 300.000 $ annually in order to introduce themselves on the external market. The Minister of Economics, Zafer Çağlayan, said that every company would get an assistance of 300.000 $ in order to introduce their activities on the markets overseas.

During a press conference having as issue “New markets and assistance in exportation”, organized by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,  Zafer Çağlayan talked about the assistance that would be given to the exporters. Çağlayan talked about the assistance that would be brought with the report regarding the assistance to market survey and penetration. He also said: “By this means, our universities, hospitals, software companies and film sector will get 50% from the costs they will have with their presentation abroad  and 300.000 $ annually. Owing to this assistance, serials and film sector will provide foreign currency inflow in Turkey.”

This new model will provide financial resource to 61 exporters’ associations, chambers of commerce and industry from 69 provinces, chambers of industry from 12 provinces, more than 100 associations, and trade unions. Çağlayan mentioned that instead of applying one by one, companies could apply as associations. The State Minister, Çağlayan, informed that with this report he would support for the first time 4 sectors. He also said he would support the overseas activities of  high education boards, medical institutions, software companies and film sector.

Çağlayan said that the medical tourism is one of the sectors that would get external presentation support. He also said: ”The cataract surgery is 76% cheaper in Turkey than in England. We have around 60 thousand health tourists who spend 850 million dollars. We intend to get an income of 5 billion dollars in 5 years’ time from medical tourism.” Accordingly, he said that he would support the overseas activities of the medical institutions for medical purpose with a figure up to 300 thousand dollars.

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