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Medical tourism to become leading destination in Dominicana

Medical  tourism to become leading destination in Dominicana


According to Chief Operating Officer of Tourism in Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic Wendy Sanchez, the industry has wonderful resources for the development of medical direction.

Large-scale project was supported by the Head of department of wellness and medical tourism and wellness (motion for a healthy lifestyle) saying that currently a huge work is carried out to provide proper level of medical care at resorts.

"Many people come to us precisely in order to recover and freshen up using medical procedures. Emphasize that a tourist, who arrives with health purposes spends five times more than a regular traveler who wants just to relax "- the official said, referring to Wendy Sanchez.

Problems of organization the medical tourism in the country were first discussed on the governmental level. It was decided to do a detailed study of the logistics and creation of structure that will regulate activities of physicians and medical institutions within the network of services for our visitors.

In the near future will be conducted a certification of medical centers and other specialized institutions that claim to participate in the program of health tourism. Officials have stated that they intend to rely not on the number of patients, but on qualitative result, unlike other Latin American countries, where this direction has existed for a long time.

Among medical services that are available today in the Dominican Republic first should be called dentistry, including all kinds of implantation, as many tourists come to the country exactly for "snow-white smile." In addition, very popular are bariatric surgery, plastic and orthopedic surgery. The most famous clinics are "Plaza de la Salud" and CEDIMAT, located in Santo Domingo.

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