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Medical tourism: Potential industry in Nepal

Medical tourism: Potential industry in Nepal


The money obtained through medical tourism can be invested in developing the public health care system. However‚ the real leap forward in medical tourism will actually be made possible through the support of the government at some point

Medical tourism alternately called health tourism, medical travel, health travel or medical value travel is the process of people travelling to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.

Nepal is attracting hordes of eye patients from various neighboring states of India for eye examination and eye surgery. The factors that have led to the increasing popularity of eye care for Indian patients are affordability, less waiting time for treatment, ease of travel to Nepal and good standards of treatment.

However, medical tourism for eye care was quite different three decades ago. People from Nepal had to go to Sitapur (India) for eye treatment and cataract surgery. However, the good network of eye hospitals and eye care centres in Nepal have started to deliver affordable and quality eye care services in Nepal.

Many Indian patients have started to flock to this country for eye treatment. More than 200,000 Indian patients visit Nepal for eye surgery, and more than 1.5 million for eye treatment every year. Although medical tourism in Nepal has not been developed as a national industry and there is no government policy to promote medical tourism in Nepal, medical tourism in eye care can be cited as a model for other medical fields as well.

The government of Nepal should take advantage of geographic and cultural proximity between Nepal and India and promote Medical Tourism in Nepal in other medical sectors like ENT, Heart Surgery, Ayurveda, etc. in the future. Nepal can be developed as a hub for medical tourists and economical treatment destination especially from neighboring states of India.  

Long term policy and good planning is necessary to promote medical tourism in Nepal. Policy makers in Nepal are faced with a dilemma: whether to invest limited resources in public health care systems or in medical tourism development. The government of Nepal can promote certain medical fields for medical tourism and find a good balance between promoting medical tourism and developing the public health care system.

Medical tourism in Nepal can become a new and emerging business. Nepal has already shown its comparative advantage in the field of eye care. Nepal Trade Integration Strategy (NTIS) 2010 has identified health services as one of the 19 sectors having export potential. A good public private partnership policy, revision of health-related laws, and easing entry of foreign medical practitioners to Nepal could be some steps for the promotion of medical tourism in Nepal.

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