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Infertility treatment tops list of Dubai medical tourism procedures

Infertility treatment tops list of Dubai medical tourism procedures


Treatment for infertility has topped a list of the most popular medical tourism procedures carried out in Dubai, according to a new survey conducted by Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

Globally, the most common procedures people undergo during medical tourism trips are cosmetic surgery, dentistry, orthopaedic and heart surgery, according to US-based public health institute Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions.

In Dubai, however, infertility treatment sits at the top of the list of procedures medical tourists undergo at DHCC.

The survey found that other popular procedures people come to Dubai for, include cosmetic, dental, cardiac, and orthopaedic procedures, treatments or tests.

The survey was commissioned by Dubai Healthcare City using respondents from its 120 medical facilities.

The data collected represents a six-month period, beginning January 2014. The sample size was weighted for facilities that offer clinical services so that it was representative of medical tourism profile.

Almost half of the medical tourists (48 percent) came from the GCC; 32 percent from the wider Arab World; 26 percent from Eastern and Western Europe; and 23 percent from Asia.

DHCC-based physicians said that 80 percent of medical tourists come to Dubai for quality of care; 61 percent say it is for the city’s experienced physicians, while 48 percent highlighted the availability of specialist treatments.

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