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Vacations and Health – new winning formula for many travelers abroad

Vacations and Health – new winning formula for many travelers abroad


Today people around the world who simply cannot afford to undergo a medical procedure at home, due to a complex medical procedure or a simple cosmetic one, have got an excellent opportunity to go to a foreign country and have surgery done there.

Vacation and health is the new winning formula for those traveling abroad, which trend has increased popularity in our days. The combination of a vacation and a health procedure is a phenomenon which is common among a wide population coming from developed and developing countries.

The reasons for choosing to have surgery abroad vary; many people do not obtain any medical insurance and the idea of a surgery and a vacation appeals to them, as they are likely to save a substantial amount of money. In fact money savings is the biggest driver, topped with an attractive location to have operation done.

Travelling abroad does not mean that the medical procedure will be less professional but in most cases on the contrary; for example Hungarian dentists are considered to be in the top ten list of excellent physicians but the cost of living and the doctor’s fees in Budapest are a fifth of what Western doctors charge. Medical tourists have the opportunity to avail the services of high professional doctors, which is a big plus and usually cannot be obtained in hospitals at home.

So why not fulfill your dream and have a tummy tuck and a face lift in a top-notch clinic after you’ve spent a week in the islands of Greece? Or maybe your back is killing you and you cannot afford a spinal surgery at home. Why not fly to India and have your back fixed with top-class neurosurgeons in a modern hospital? You do not have to wait long queues for an operation. For people with extreme back aches, such long waiting lines are unbearable. Patients get personal attention for their needs within a short time.

Medical tourist facilitators also take care of a lot of paperwork for the medical traveler and organize all the trip from A to Z. Patients can send all the paperwork (diagnostic tests and CT scans) to the medical tourist facilitator and they arrange the consultations and all other necessary arrangements.

As you may know health is an important factor for leading a good life. The fact that one travels abroad for medical treatment is not a compromise on the quality of the healthcare service but can solve a health problem and gives a chance to lead a good life style.

Medical tourism is catching on due to all the reasons mentioned above. It has become so popular that many medical institutions; clinics and hospitals have been established in order to meet the needs of all the patients. Everyone benefits from the medical tourism industry, patients, doctors and the medical institutions.

Other popular procedures

IVF treatments are one of the major medical touristic opportunities for couples that cannot afford treatments at home. Many successful clinics around the world have brought a lot of happiness to the lives of people who only desire to conceive and were given a chance in remote clinics.

Treatments that are not approved by the FDA but are applied elsewhere are also popular among patients with passports.

Traditional (alternative) medicine, especially in the Far East with a combination of conservative medicine is trendy nowadays among international patients; thermal spas, Ayurveda medicine, acupuncture and other methods.

Nowadays many travelers abroad are taking advantage of good healthcare institutes and attractive locations, so you might be the next one to go and seek good health opportunities.


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