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Fertility Tourism is the best way to deal with infertility and stress

Fertility Tourism is the best way to deal with infertility and stress

Fertility Tourism is a growing worldwide phenomenon, which is an opportunity for couples who cannot have their babies. The stress of infertility is unavoidable and this could lead to depression in a loving relationship. In order to deal with this stress, medical tourism offers you the best and successful treatment for this situation.

What is fertility tourism?

It involves traveling to a foreign land in order to avail reproductive or fertility treatment. According to Guido Pennings, “Reproductive tourism is the travelling by candidate service recipients from one institution, jurisdiction, or country where they can obtain the kind of medically assisted reproduction they desire.”

Treatment Types

This may involve treatments or procedures like donor insemination and IVF.

Donor Insemination

It uses sperms from a donor to help the woman to conceive. In this procedure, the donor is screened for STDs or sexual transmitted disease. The sperm is placed into the neck of the cervix that helps a woman become pregnant.

IVF or In vitro Fertilization

The woman egg is fertilized outside the body in the process. This takes place in a situation when all the methods failed. During the procedure, the ovulatory process of a woman is monitored and eggs are removed then doctors let sperm fertilize in a fluid in a laboratory. After that, the fertilized zygote is cultured for two to six days before being transferred to the uterus of a woman in order to establish the pregnancy.

Destinations for Fertility Tourism


India is one of the most renowned and affordable destinations for infertility tourism. It offers quality and assured fertility treatment. It has experts to perform IVF with a huge success rate.


Spain has one of the best national health systems with them. This offers infertile couple to get the benefits of its latest technologies and experts. It also provides full privacy of the treatment.


Fertility clinics of Izmir and Istanbul offer you an opportunity to avail fertility treatment at highly affordable prices. They have the specialists who are experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, and certified in this field.

Stress is the main reason that affects the fertility in men and women. So, it is important to release the stress first. Many clinics in the world known for their excellent fertility procedure. Fertility Clinic makes the use of traditional techniques to release the stress and improves the fertility.


Living with infertility is disastrous for a couple. Many medical procedures help such couples to have their babies. In fertility tourism, couple moves to foreign country in order to get fertility treatment.

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