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First Health Tourism Court Case: Egyptian Patient Pays Back NHS £30,000

First Health Tourism Court Case: Egyptian Patient Pays Back NHS £30,000

Friday July 1, 2011

An Egyptian businessman traveled to the UK to receive heart surgery and a large number of medicines for free according to the NHS counter-fraud service. The medical service was provided to him free of charge on the basis of his presumably UK residence. However, the health tourist agreed to pay NHS back £30,000 for treatment.

It was the first case in the area of international medical care to be prosecuted by the NHS.

The sum reimbursed to the NHS covered the Egyptian medical tourist’s five stays at British hospitals and a wide range of prescribed drugs. In 2004 the patient’s identity document was impounded while his international assets were made frozen.

At the end of the case, the NHS counter-fraud service published new data confirming it had saved the service £670m since 1999.

The counter-fraud service is in charge of suspicious scam cases in the NHS. This implies cases when patients untruly claim being in need of free medical care or dental specialists requesting payment from the NHS for gold fillings that were never provided to their patients. 

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