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Help Center Maidan Wounded

Help Center Maidan Wounded


Dear friend, 
I am sure you have all been made aware of the events which have transpired in Ukraine the last few weeks and months. Violence has unfortunately plagued the country, with most of it focused in the city in which most of us reside, our capital city, Kiev. 
We are a group of Jews from Ukraine, some religious, others not. Some of us are older and others younger, working in different careers, involved in different spheres of life. What binds us together is our Jewish identity and our deep desire to do something to alleviate the suffering of those who have been injured during recent events. 
Hundreds of individuals are still suffering from the injuries they received. We, as concerned Jews living in Ukraine, took it upon ourselves to organize the transport of a small group of the injured to Israel for further treatment. We love our fellow Ukrainians, and we are proud of the Jewish state, Israel, whose first class medical treatment will give our countrymen the best chance at resuming a normal life.
The individuals have been sent to the Kaplan Medical Center, in Rehovot, Israel. One man arrived on March 5, and another six Ukrainians arrived on March 7th. The Ukrainians, like us, come from different places and different walks of life. While they have received emergency care in Ukraine, the only chance these men have at truly rehabilitating lies in an Israeli facility. These individuals include:
-Aleksandr Shkil who has already gone through three surgeries, but whose only chance for real help comes from Israeli doctors. He needs a transplant in a part of his wrist and skin, and still has ballistic wounds in his arm. 
Andrey Natalenko, a 32- years-old from Kiev, who suffers from a ballistic wound of the anterior abdominal wall and is in stable but heavy condition.
-Roman Pyatkovskiy, a 31-years-old, who is suffering from a spine injury and for whom a meningitis infenction has begun to set in. 
-A 41-years-old, who is suffering from a ballistic wound in the pelvic area, has already gone through three surgeries and is begin to experience heart problems, as well. 
-Michail Krivun, who suffered a ballistic wound of the lateral surface of the right thigh, with all of his muscles affected in a 12 cm radius. He has already had two surgeries to try to repair the damage. 
-Sergey Zheleznyak, a 32-years-old, from Lviv region who is suffering from a ballistic wound to the left thigh and who has injured his tendon and is in constant, severe pain. 
Bolodimir Bedyuk, a 17-years-old orphan, who has no family, and is suffering from ballistic wounds to the liver and breast.
While a generous donation has covered the initial costs for these individuals transfer to Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, the financial liabilities have only begun. About $60,000 has been raised so far, while the final costs could reach $500,000, or even more. 
Jewish tradition teaches, “Do not stand in the blood of your neighbor.” If those with whom we live and grow are suffering and dying, it is our moral obligation to come to their aid. 
We ask you to consider donating to help pay the costs of medical care for these individuals. Your money can serve not only to help individuals in need, but also to help strengthen the bonds between Ukraine and Israel and Ukrainians and the Jewish people. 
All donations can be sent via the Kaplan Medical Center, in Rehovot:
Kaplan Medical Center, Bank Hapoalim.
IBAN - IL26-0126-1500-0000-0206-400,
Swift code - Poalilit 
address - Herzel str. 179, Rechovot
Acc. Number – 206400
branch 12-615
Please make a note in your donation, "for Maidan wounded". As you send the money, please let us know how much you have sent to the hospital. You can reach us at our e-mail address,
Zvi Arieli.


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