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In present day oncology several major treatment methods are distinguished:

  • surgical (radical and nonradical operations, when all tumour tissues are eliminated);
  • medicament (chemical therapy);
  • X-ray therapy (radiotherapy and radiosurgery);
  • gene therapy;
  • neutron therapy.

Chemical therapy is for today one of the leading methods of oncologic disease treatment on all stages. It comprises the use of antitumor antibiotics and other medications, which kill or inhibit malignant cell growth. Chemical therapy course includes several stages, during which a number of medications are used successively – depending on the stage of disease, tumour type, composition and location.  

Ray or radiotherapy is defined as the influence of X-rays (Roentgen rays) or gamma rays of radioactive isotopes on tumour tissues for the purpose of their destruction. Vanguard technologies make it possible to produce the rays of high penetrating capacity and achieve the most precise focus of rays on the tumour in any location.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is one of the leading edge methods of radiation therapy. This method implies the use of advanced equipment, in particular, linear accelerators enabling to almost precisely pinpoint the tumour area for therapeutic impact.

Internal brachytherapy may also be referred to the most effective radiotherapy methods and used both independently and as a supplementary means of tumour destruction. Radioactive markers are implanted into the tumour providing direct impact on the tumour area along with the reduction of radiation doze on the neighbouring tissues and organs.

Gamma knife radiosurgery treatment is a single-shot exposure of the tumour to a sizable doze of gamma radiation pinpointed with high precision. 

Gene and neutron therapy are among the innovative experimental methods of oncologic disease treatment. Gene therapy involves impact on the STAT system (signal transduction and transcription), control and regulation of cancerous cell division process. Neutron therapy, unlike ray therapy, uses neutrons, which also penetrate deep into the tissues and destroy cancerous cells, but at the same time do not damage healthy tissues located close to the tumour.

Proton therapy is among the cutting-edge methods of oncological disease treatment. Unlike ray therapy or radiation therapy, proton therapy uses protons penetrating deep inside the tissues and destroying cancer cells, at the same time leaving healthy tissues around the tumour intact.

Top-ranked oncologic centres of the world apply individual approach in the course of treatment and recovery of the patient’s organism. Outstanding results of onco patient treatment can be achieved applying combined therapy of oncologic diseases, which includes surgical, medicament and ray methods.

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