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The term “orthopaedics” was suggested by Nicolas Andry back in 1741 to denote a branch of medical science dealing with the study, prevention and treatment of fixed deformities of a human body, dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system, which may be caused by inborn defects, abnormalities of development, and consequences of diseases or traumas.

Modern orthopaedics is closely connected with traumatology and prosthetics. It widely applies achievements of biomechanics and nanotechnologies, vanguard methods of medical information visualization (computer tomography with modelling a 3D image and use of navigation systems), ultrasound and laser technologies, and methods of ultrasound bone cutting and fusion. Due to this, micro surgical and mini-invasive surgeries have nowadays replaced traditional operative interventions and guarantee positive treatment results in the shortest time period possible.

For today, prosthetic repair of hip and knee joints are the most demanded operations in medical tourism in this field. Stem cells and multidisciplinary approach are used to repair the defects of joints, sinews and bones.

Spine operation procedures are being perfected day by day and rehabilitation period after such invasions are being reduced to the very least. Spine surgeries are conducted with minimal invasions, through punctures, and under the control of electronic and optical convertors. One of the recent achievements of modern orthopaedics is dynamic stabilization of spine.     

Spinal hernia is treated applying epidural adhesiolysis, when medical substances are injected directly into the affected area. This method enables maximal influence on the organ. Treatment procedure lasts for several days only, and after that the patient gets rid of the problem once and for all.

In case of extremity fractures such advanced treatment methods are applied as X-ray surgery combined with using special implants. It allows performing precise fixation of a fracture without section, and not to dissect trauma area. This leads to renewal of normal bone blood supply of . With the help of this technology bones knit in the shortest time possible. The patient can return to a normal lifestyle within several days, having recovered performance capability of the damaged extremities.

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