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Childbirth Abroad

Childbirth abroad is nowadays quite a popular service for residents of CIS countries and South-East Asia. Citizens of these countries are attracted by professional help of medical specialists, personalised care, comfort and attention to the state of the obstetric patient, and by the very idea of giving birth abroad. If a child is born on the territory of the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and some other countries of the world, it automatically receives the right to citizenship.


1. Delivery abroad is on the completely different level of medical service and accommodation quality.

2. Highly skilled medical professionals, especially in the aspects of delivery for women over 30, with multifetation, and of nursing premature infants or medical help in case of complications during pregnancy and delivery.

3. In countries of Western Europe and the USA there is a long dominating tendency of natural delivery with minimum medical interference and pain relief.

4. In many medical establishments, at patient choice, delivery may be taken not only in the traditional chair, but also on the sofa, on the floor, in water, in vertical position (sitting on the special swing or chair). Caesarean section is used in case of extreme medical conditions.

5. In reputable medical establishments the factor of in-hospital infection is almost completely excluded.

6. Obstetric patients are offered anaesthesia (most often epidural anaesthesia) at their own choice or according to medical recommendations. But in the majority of cases doctors try to relieve pain by natural means: acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, water procedures, etc.

7. In overseas medical establishments mothers are not separated from a new-born infant (excluding the cases, when specialised care or medical help is needed). And even with the need of special care for the child its mother is allowed to watch quietly (through the box glass, or through the viewing window of the intensive therapy ward).

8. In all overseas maternity buildings presence of husband and even other relatives is allowed. In some clinics husband and relatives may even reside with mother after delivery in a special “family” ward. There is no limit to visits of relatives to a healthy mother and her child.

9. Particularly comfortable accommodation for obstetric patients, high standard of medical care, creation of a homely cozy atmosphere in the ward. Tolerant attitude to a woman’s preferences and requests, definite provision of the patient’s rights and interests.

10. Limited term of stay: in cases of normal delivery, patients are discharged within 1-3 days, with Caesarean section – in 5-7 days.

Comfort and accommodation

In overseas private clinics a ward resembles a hotel suite. It has all the conveniences: cable TV, СD-player, fridge, air conditioner, Internet access. Medical equipment is usually hidden from view. Sanitary facilities of some clinics even have a Jacuzzi. During your stay at a clinic you will be treated to pleasant relaxing music, flowers. Sometimes you may be presented some souvenirs and sweets.

In a post-delivery ward there will be everything necessary for taking care of a new-born: a cradle, table for diapering, a bathing sink, and even a perambulator. Everything required for woman’s personal care and child care (diapers, creams, dusting, bathing accessories, expendable linen, robes, napkins, pads, etc.) is provided free of charge and in unlimited quantity. Your husband and even other relatives may reside with you in family wards.

Most popular destinations

The usual destinations for childbirth are Germany, Austria, Israel, the USA, Cyprus, France, the UK, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia,  South Korea, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Malta, Slovakia.


Expenses for childbirth abroad are quite substantial, considering that not only medical services are to be covered (without Caesarean section, standard volume of care may be chosen, starting from €4,000), but you also need to pay for accommodation, travel, insurance, document drawing-up, and for all other related services. The total cost may amount to €35,000.

Of course, the cost of delivery assistance and care differs from country to country, as do the other expenses, but in general one should look forward to €10,000 – 12,000. No doubt, the cost at the state and University medical establishments is much lower compared to private clinics. In many private clinics of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, the UK, Malta, Singapore, and some other countries they require an initial deposit for unforeseen medical services (operative treatment, therapy and nursing, extra care, etc.). This sum may constitute 50 % of the standard cost of childbirth in a clinic. If everything has gone well – the money will be returned.  

Travel and childbirth program organization

The travel for childbirth abroad should be carefully and correctly organised. Above all, it should provide health and life safety of a future mother and her child during all the stages: prenatal, at the very time of delivery, during the post-delivery period. Moreover, the provider of such service must facilitate visa support, communication with the local medical establishment and doctor, and, most importantly – drawing up of a birth certificate and other documents needed for the child’s regisrtation and return to the country of permanent residence of the parents.

It is recommended to necessarily conclude written and “detailed” enough contracts with the agency and the medical establishment of future childbirth. When concluding the agreement with the agency, you should account for different situations, terms, as well as possible non-standard situations (the necessity of expanding the volume of medical services, the so called insurance deposit, terms and conditions of stay, of drawing up documents, contracts with the consulate, etc.).

When calculating the cost of medical services, bear in mind not just the price for medical assistance during delivery, but also for analyses, medical consultations, care, probable operative treatment, shots for the child, woman’s stay at a medical establishment. A clinic may also offer services of sampling and conservation of umbilical blood.

After delivery, many agencies offer at extra charge services of a baby-sitter round the clock, , paramedic, lawyer, personal driver, translator, photographer, assistant, and guard. Some other options include leisure activities of a future mom, entertainment, excursions, shopping, learning foreign languages.

Useful tips and recommendations for childbirth abroad:

Before selecting a particular medical establishment, be sure to scrupulously collect patients’ feedback about it (on forums, separate website pages, etc.), along with checking out the official information. Many private clinics have information centres for overseas patients, and their operators will be able to answer your questions regarding the specifics of medical services, accommodation, prices, and supporting services (pickup, transfer, translation services, etc.).

You should contact the medical establishment, where you are planning to have delivery, during pregnancy already (starting from the second trimester). If possible, it is even better to arrive there for consultation and just get a realistic impression of the medical establishment.

If you don’t know the working language of the medical establishment, then during the first stage the agency will give you support, and after that you may use the services of a translator or supervisor, who speaks the language you understand.

With getting a visa there is also a crucial moment: you need to get an invitation document from the medical establishment. Each country’s diplomatic missions determine their own rules and terms of visa issue, and the list of documents for those wishing to come to medical establishments of their country. Getting an entry visa to the USA, the UK, and Canada is especially challenging. It is recommended to apply for a multiple-entry visa (this primarily concerns the trips to the countries of the Schengen Area).

An obstetric patient should take care in advance of the safe and permanent telephone and electronic connection with relatives and the agency. You could use a cell phone with cheap roaming and a notebook (iPad) with WiFi. The cost of telephoning from paid phones within a clinic is quite high. 

It is strongly advised to arrive for childbirth to a medical establishment in advance, at least one month before delivery date (although you will be recommended to arrive starting from the 33rd week of pregnancy). During late pregnancy, for health purposes, it is better to avoid lengthy flights and tiring trips in trains or cars. Take into account that some air companies limit the allowed pregnancy term for air passengers starting from the 34th week.

If you are able to come to the country of childbirth in advance, it is advisable to coordinate with the medical establishment (and the agency) the details of your supervision by a doctor, visiting the medical establishment for consultations, check-ups and analyses before delivery. An obstetrician of a private clinic may even attend you at the hotel of your stay.

You should also consider the possible complications due to the dramatic change of climate (especially during seasons with unfavourable weather conditions).

Correct planning and organization of an obstetric patient’s stay (and of accompanying persons) before and after delivery is essential. There should be extra time for unforeseen situations, in particular, when drawing up documents for the child at the consulate. It is not recommended to travel with the child at least 3 weeks after birth, even if the child is absolutely healthy.   

The supervision over the health of mother and child continues for three weeks after they have been discharged. The cost of such a programme may be equally considerable (in Germany, Switzerland – from € 5 000). Each and every extra service has to be paid for. For economy reasons, people often find private doctors or medical assistants, who provide the same services for less. Such search may also be done by the agency.

To avoid problems with consulate institutions when drawing up documents for a child, it is advised to find out all the subtleties of a drawing-up procedure beforehand, prepare and have with you the originals and copies of all the required documents, certified translations, and photos (if required).

Lastly, about money: it should be more than enough, and not just enough. You should have several credit cards and cash to pay for extra services, and “just in case”.

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