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Popular Medical Tourism Destinations
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Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

Each year, the geography of medical and recovery tourism is growing wider. Correspondingly, there is an increase in the choice of countries, medical and recovery establishments, and their services. However, as of today it is possible to specify the most popular fields and countries of the medical and recovery tourism industry.

While there are no official ratings yet, the order of countries in our list is very tentative and based on the available previous year data about the number of patients from abroad and operations performed by the medical establishments we are collaborating with. Therefore, in our opinion, the information on where one may receive the needed medical services may be represented as follows:


Infertility diagnosis and treatment. Programmes applying Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IVF, ICSI)

The UK, the USA, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, India, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Switzerland, Malta, Italy, Antigua and Barbuda, New Zealand, South African Republic, Japan, Spain

IVF programmes with surrogacy and/or egg cell (sperm) donation

India, the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Thailand, Georgia


Aesthetic dentistry (porcelain fused metal prosthetics, veneers, inlays, etc.)

Hungary, Costa-Rica, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Columbia, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia

Dental Surgery. Implantology

Hungary, Costa-Rica, Argentina, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Malta, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand   

Endodontic therapy

Hungary, Costa-Rica, Mexico, Denmark, Thailand, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Malta, Russia

Preventive dentistry

Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Costa-Rica, Denmark, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, New Zealand


Early diagnosis and update on diagnosis

Israel, Germany, Austria, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Slovenia, Hungary 

Operative treatment of malignant growths / neoplasms (in various organs and tissues)

Israel, Malaysia, the USA, Cuba, Costa-Rica, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary

Pediatric oncology

Israel, Cuba, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, the USA,  Costa-Rica, Austria, Singapore, Sweden, Slovenia

Hematologic oncology treatment (oncohematology)

Israel, Cuba, South Korea, Philippines, the USA, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia

Radiology and chemical therapy

Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Cuba, Austria, Turkey, Slovenia,  New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Malta, United Arab Emirates


Breast endoprosthetics

Thailand, Costa-Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Poland, South Korea, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Jamaica

Reconstructive breast surgery

Israel, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine

Liposuction (lipoaspiration) in various body parts

Israel, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Costa-Rica, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, Slovenia, Jamaica, Ukraine, Russia


Israel, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia

Rhinoplasty (nose size and form correction) and otoplasty (ear auricle correction)

Argentina, Brazil, Costa-Rica, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Panama, Israel, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Jamaica, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine

Blepharoplasty (blepharon correction) and mentoplasty (chin correction)

Israel, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia

Operative scar removal

Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Malta, Austria, Jamaica

Surgical treatment of child congenital defects (cleft palate, labium leporinum (cleft lip), abnormal development of facial bones, etc.)

Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Cuba, Slovenia, Sweden, New Zealand, Turkey, Malta

Microsurgical reconstruction

Thailand, Israel, South Korea, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Sweden, Costa-Rica, the USA, Slovenia, New Zealand, Singapore

Buttock, thigh correction, etc.

Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Slovenia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, Malta, Jamaica

Hair transplantation

Columbia, Costa-Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malta, Belgium, Switzerland

Genital plastics and sex reassignment surgeries

Thailand, Costa-Rica, Argentina, Israel, Germany, South Korea, Slovenia, Singapore


Laser vision correction

Israel, Germany, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malta, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania

Eye microsurgery

Thailand, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, Austria, Costa-Rica, the USA, Slovenia, New Zealand


Psoriasis treatment

Israel, Jordan, Turkey,  Hungary


Cardiac surgery

Germany, Israel, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, the USA, Switzerland


Israel, Germany, Austria, Singapore, South Korea, Hungary, Slovenia, the USA


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Israel, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico, Czech Republic

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Slovenia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Costa-Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Great Britain


Prosthetics and articulation treatment

Israel, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Slovenia

Traumatology and sports medicine 

Germany, Austria, Israel, South Korea, Singapore


Delivery abroad

Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Korea, Slovenia, Malta



India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Folk and alternative methods

China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Mexico


Comprehensive checkup

Germany, Austria, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, Malta, Turkey, United Arab Emirates 

Checkup by field

Germany, Austria, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Malta, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates

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