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Recovery Programmes
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Recovery Programmes

A recovery programme is mostly known as a complex of therapeutic and/or preventive procedures designed to restore regular working capacity of the body and life energy. The programmes may vary conceptually, though their purpose always stays the same.

Full recovery programme normally encompasses a scope of therapeutic and physiotherapy procedures including massage, cosmetic techniques, spa treatment, healthy nutrition, etc. Meanwhile, the patient remains under the care of medical specialists during the entire course.

The course length depends completely on a physician’s prescription as it may take a week’s time and even longer. On average, the programme duration lasts from one to two weeks.

Massage is a constituent of the recovery programmes. With no contraindications, massage can be prescribed to basically every patient as it allows removing tiredness, relaxing muscles, normalizing blood circulation and metabolism. The most commonly applied massage covers therapeutic and relaxing types. The first comprises traditional therapeutic massages used in treatment as well as sports and hydro massage. The latter typically includes shiatsu, reiki, ayurvedic massage, and hot stone therapy.

Cosmetic procedures are also a routine practice in recovery even though they may not always be essential. As a rule, these are the most common techniques covering basic skin, hair, and nail care primarily prescribed should a patient or a doctor wish so.

Procedures offered as part of special recreational packages imply unique natural resources such as thermal waters, springs, therapeutic mud, thalassotherapy, mountain air, etc. Such practices entail mud, oxygen, and thermal baths as well as mountain hiking to name just a few.

SPA procedures denote application of aqua therapy. Optimal spa resorts are those placed immediately next to springs or coastline to ensure excellent quality of the procedures. These are various types of shower, bath, and other water procedures that can perfectly blend with meditation and yoga.

Medical check-up is a top-priority part of any recovery programme. It involves full diagnostics of a human body prior to elaboration of the recovery programme by a physician. Except that, the diagnostics is made not only before and after the recovery programme but in some cases during the programme itself to guarantee top-notch quality and effect of procedures. Also, within the course of the programme the physician keeps an eye on the patient’s response to any given procedure to be able to adjust it if required.

Some programmes solely include spa procedures or massages. Such programmes are designed for a short period of time and thus cannot secure a long playing effect.

Diet and nutrition during the recovery programme are necessary to be discussed with the specialist while in some cases eating habits may be the key element of the programme.

Prior to planning arrangements for your recovery abroad it is highly advised to seek medical advice from your consulting physician in terms of contraindications and restrictions.

Amber Therapy

Stone therapy with amber or amber therapy is a new or rather a well forgotten old method of treatment and recovery today. In ancient times, amber was considered luxury material and a mysterious magical stone, which could cure of many diseases and protect from an evil eye. Amber was put in a child’s bed so that it should not fall ill, this mineral fragment was carried in a pocket to prevent stone formation in kidneys. In Egypt, amber was used for mummification of pharaohs, in Ancient Greece — for bleeding control, maintenance of pregnancy, in case of poisonings, diseases of eyes, ears, thyroid gland,  for malaria, and in Medieval Europe — for strengthening teeth, for treating gastric ulcer, migraine, asthma, and consumption. People wearing amber lucky charms or jewellery noted improvement in health, replenishment of vital forces, surge of energy, strengthened nervous system, and good mood. For this reason, the stone is widely applied in Oriental and alternative medicine. 

The interest of Western medics to the healthful properties of this stone was rekindled several years ago. In the course of a research study it was discovered that constituent substances in amber have a therapeutic effect releasing nervous tension, improving sleep, cleansing and rejuvenating the skin as well as possessing a number of other healthful qualities. Amber contains 24 chemical elements and more than 40 chemical compounds: amber acid, salts of potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, insoluble polyether, soluble organic acids, fugitive terpenes, and sesquiterpenes.

The composing amber acid increases human mental and physical activity, relieves headaches, increases attention focusing, replenishes vital forces after severe diseases, is an anti-ischemic remedy, in people suffering from pancreatic diabetes reduces the levels of cholesterol, ketone bodies, and fatty acids in blood, stimulates  insulin production, relieves painful sensations in muscles, facilitates regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells.

Applying amber to vital points, the therapist can impact the patient’s organism on energy, molecular, psychological, and emotional levels. Moreover, amber improves the circulation of blood and lymph, strengthens capillary walls, helps remove free radicals from the organism, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, and improves oxygen exchange.

Today, amber therapy is recommended in the following cases: 

  • diseases of respiratory organs (tonsillitis, asthma);
  • diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus (problems with joints, spine, paralysis);
  • diseases of nervous system (vegetovascular dystonia);
  • cardio-vascular diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • gynaecological diseases (mastopathy, cystis, mioma, lipoma, infertility, adnexal affection);
  • urological diseases;
  • goitre (Derbyshire neck or bronchocele);
  • disseminated sclerosis;
  • hepatic cirrhosis;
  • enuresis;
  • oncologic diseases.

Amber is also used during the post-operative period to replenish vital forces, and in cosmetology — for rejuvenation and improvement of the overall skin appearance.

Not every stone can be used for amber therapy. Although amber is poetically named “the gift of the sun”, its colour may vary from light-yellow to brown. There are also stones of red, milky-white, blue, black, and even greenish hue. But only dark-brown stones aged more than 20-30 mln years are used for therapeutic purposes. They are retrieved from the depth below 4 metres and evaluated by their hardness, grain size, colour, transparency, form and size. Amber should be unharmed, monolith, and pure. Genuine amber floats in salt water, is soft and warm by the feel, gives a resinous smell when drilled or heated, and burns when ignited.

Since ancient times, amber has been ingested in the form of powder or infusions, rubbed into skin in the form of ointments or used for fuming the rooms, amber cysters, point massage, and stone application. These procedures are much demanded in our times as well. Very often patients are offered to walk on amber stones. As we know, foot soles have plenty of biologically active points, and their massage produces a healthful effect on the human organism. Other types of massage include whole body stone massage and point massage with amber needles.

“Amber bath” is another healthful procedure, which started to be offered recently in specialised recovery centres. It consists of a marble plate set on a sofa with a heater. Amber stones are evenly assembled on the plate. The “bath” is heated to 37-38°С within 15-20 minutes, and after that the patient can lie down and “take a bath” for half an hour. A course of such procedures is recommended for people with the diseases of cardio-vascular, respiratory, and digestive systems, hepatic cirrhoses, urological and gynaecological problems, after-effects of injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system. Positive effect on the patient’s health is achieved by impacting with fast electrons, which enter the organism from heated amber through the vital points. And for disease prevention, strengthening immunity, and replenishing vital forces you should wear amber jewellery such as beads, rings, and earrings.

Amber therapies are available in Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and some other countries around the world.

Fish Therapy

Fish therapy is a new trend in treatment and recovery designed specifically for skin diseases using a particular kind of fish. Such procedures are prescribed for patients suffering from psoriasis, lichen ruber planus, eczema, fish skin disease, acne, neurodermitis, and other inflammatory processes. The fashion for this medical know-how originated in Asia — in China, Singapore, and Japan where the first exotic fish therapy sessions took place.

The essence of fish therapy is as follows. The patient is immersed into warm (not lower than 37°С) sweet, mineral, or sea water with thousands of small (up to 3 cm) fish. When the skin softens, the fish literally starts to attack the patient, bite and tear the cornified skin away. Some fish bite off dead skin cuticles and the other treat the affected areas with saliva which brings about faster healing of wounds. This painless procedure neither causes irritation nor leaves scars. Slight bites resemble prickling, while in complex with air and solar baths, mud wraps, and special masks the fish therapy gives you smooth, clean, and healthy skin.

Naturally, similar procedures require a specific kind of fish. Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish is used during the therapy. Its saliva contains substances which soften the skin, assist fast peeling and healing, dermatologists say. The fish is bred in Asian countries and supplied to the most expensive health and spa centres of the world.

Moreover, fish therapy today is effectively applied as a treatment and preventive method for skin diseases. This is also an exotic spa procedure intended for recovery, increasing vital tonus, and replenishing strength. Fish spas are among the most expensive and exclusive procedures offered in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Japan, China, Singapore, and some other countries.

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