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SPA & Wellness
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SPA and Wellness

SPA is a complex of therapeutic procedures applying mineral, sea, and sweet water together with sea algae, salt, healing mud, and curative plants.

There exists a historical and geographical theory of origin for the word SPA. 

According to the first hypothesis, it is the abbreviation of “Sanus per Aquam” or “Sаnitas pro Aqua” meaning “health from water” or “health through water”. The notion has been around since Ancient Rome the inhabitants of which used to take advantage of thermal baths and springs to heal various alignments and diseases.

The second theory suggests that the word SPA traces its roots back to the name of a small town in Belgium hosting a famous resort.

Modern SPA procedures are aimed at total relaxation and recovery of the body. Interacting with skin, SPA components activate metabolism, improve blood circulation, and clear the body of waste products bettering its overall state.  

Each SPA procedure is developed individually for each client adjusted to his/her physiological features and preferences. It may include anything from various cosmetic procedures such as wraps and masks to all sorts of water therapies such as vibromassage, hydromassage, and aeromassage leading to fantastic well-being, excellent mood, and a sense of ease and peace.

Best-selling SPA procedures cover:

  • massage as one of the most ancient methods of relaxation and recovery. To date this highly demanded beauty technique includes Thai, ayurvedic, and shiatsu massage.  
  • thalassotherapy as a procedure implying the use of health-giving sea water, salt, mud, and plankton intending to restore emotional and physical state of the body. During the procedure skin cells become saturated with organic elements which rejuvenate and smooth the skin making it flexible and velvety.
  • wrap as one of the most effective methods to fight cellulite and excessive weight. Healing mud, sea algae, igneous minerals, chocolate, and honey among others are central components in wraps that can vary from cold to hot.
  • balneotherapy as mineral water treatment. This type of SPA procedure is based on sweet water to reach relaxation and recovery of the body. During balneotherapeutic sessions the specialist applies curative mud, essentials oils, massage and shower with minerals alongside other methods that have a tremendous effect on overall health, improve skin elasticity, help get rid of toxic substances, and rejuvenate skin cells. Mineral baths discipline vessels and heart, soothe and balance nerve system, stabilize metabolism, and adjust endocrine glands. External use of mineral waters including local and overall baths as well as swimming pool sessions creates basis for balneotherapy. In addition to that, the therapy uses mineral water for drinking, lavage, gastric lavage, and inhalations.

Today’s SPA is closely connected with the notion of wellness (originated from English phrase “be well” denoting “well-being” or “prosperity”) implying physical and mental balance. The term combines body&mind health, rational physical exercise, smart diet, giving up bad habits, and welcoming positive thinking.

The notion of wellness was for the first time introduced by an American physician Halbert L. Dunn in 1959 who is also known as a father of basic principles of quality and healthy life. Since then, wellness has been growing rapidly as a culture throughout the world.

Primary task of wellness is not only to prevent diseases and ageing. Today wellness also entails philosophy of human well-being in spiritual, social, and physical spheres of life.

Basic principles of wellness:

  • exercise;
  • mental activity;
  • relaxation and harmony;
  • beauty and body care;
  • balanced diet.

Traditionally, wellness includes a complex of therapeutic techniques including active and passive physical sessions (various treadmills, massage beds, magnet therapy, etc.), dietetics, rehab programmes, psychological recovery, functional training, SPA procedures, yoga, and manual massage to name just a few. This blend of moderate physical activity, relaxing procedures, and healthy diet gives therapeutic effect leading to restored spiritual balance.

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