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Reproductive Medicine
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Reproductive Medicine

In specialised clinics of Western Europe, the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel physicians are able to not only detect the real reason of infertility, but also eliminate it owing to the use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies.  

Only five-seven years ago to determine the reasons of infertility alone could drag out for several years. No need to tell about the treatment itself, – exhausting, lengthy and not always successful.

Of course, simple illnesses in this sphere are cured with traditional methods. In other cases, the so called “assisted reproductive technologies”, abbreviated as “ART”, will be of great help. These advanced technologies allow performing fertilization outside of the woman’s body or, put in other words, in-vitro. Besides, if a woman has any diseases, congenital abnormalities or other reasons preventing to conceive and bear a child, the help of a surrogate mother may be used. And for patients having problems with sex cells (egg cells or sperm cells), it is possible to implement programmes with donor participation. 

The abovementioned methods allow nowadays achieving the best results in infertility treatment, and also making possible even for single people to realize their dreams of having a child.  For today the percentage of successful implementation of ART methods totals in average 25-30 %. In some clinics of the USA, the UK, Ukraine, Russia and India this statistics may show up to 40–45 % of successful results. Annually, with the use of such methods over 30 thousand children are born around the world. So far the most effective ART methods (IVF, surrogacy) involve a lot of costs– tens of thousands dollars (including the expenses on a medical programme itself, compensation and legal documentation).

In some countries of the world, undergoing of ART programmes is moreover restricted or prohibited by the legislation. Therefore, reproductive/fertility medicine is currently in the top five most popular medical tourism field. For the purpose of undergoing ART treatment, thousands of potential parents head to India, the USA, Ukraine, Russia and Thailand every year.

Apart from the ART methods of IVF and intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI) that have already become “classical”, still more advanced reproductive technologies are currently being developed and applied in the leading clinics of reproductive/fertility medicine in the USA, Japan, the UK, and some other countries, particularly:

  • genetic level correction of spermatogenetic defects (spermatozoid formation) in a male body;
  • enhanced preimplantation diagnostics, which enables evaluation the state of the embryo even before its transfer (implantation) into the uterine cavity;
  • research on the creation of artificial reproductive organs (uterus and uterine/fallopian tubes) to realize the possibility of bearing a child outside mother’s body;
  • study of mechanisms of cell cloning and their implementation in the sphere of reproductive/fertility medicine;
  • separation and transfer of egg cell nuclei for the preservation of genetic material, etc.

In 2009, the scientists from the Japanese St. Mother Hospital in Kitakiyushu obtained several embryos, created with the use of donor materials from three individuals: two female-donors of egg cell and a male-donor of sperm.

Searching for the possibilities to enhance reproductive capacities of females over 40 undergoing IVF, the Japanese researchers decided to perform the fusion of their egg cells with the egg cells of younger women. For this purpose, they transferred the egg cell nuclei of elderly women to the cytoplasm of egg cells provided by younger women-donors. The hybrid sex cell thus obtained bears the hereditary material of the first woman, and the child born through the fertilization of this cell will be her biological child.

Undoubtedly, such breakthrough scientific discoveries will become a powerful stimulus for the further development of reproductive/fertility medicine. By the way, it was the IVF method discoverer the English scientist Robert Edwards received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2010.

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