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Second Medical Opinion
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Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion is an additional medical comment of an independent doctor on the patient’s state of health, correctness of the diagnosis, and his recommendations for further treatment course. Obtaining the second opinion today is a standard procedure practiced in all medical centres abroad.

Although the second opinion is an alternative, it is still rather of advisory nature and by no means aims at disrupting the reputation of the treating physician. The need to obtain it arises in those cases when there are difficulties and doubts in making the predominant diagnosis, which prevent from developing a final treatment protocol. The objective of obtaining the second medical opinion is to confirm or refute the existing diagnosis, exclude diagnostic and treatment mistakes, confirm the appropriateness of prescribed methods of treatment. An independent expert may also propose new ways and methods of treatment.

An independent expert may be selected from the doctors of the same medical centre where the patient is currently undergoing treatment, or otherwise a specialist from another medical centre — both in the resident country of the patient and abroad.

The consultation may be held by correspondence, when the doctor voices his opinion basing on the study of the patient’s medical records, tests, and examination data without face-to-face communication with the patient, or in his presence. This may be a direct appointment with the doctor or communication via modern telecommunication means — a talk over the telephone, via Skype, or arranging a video conference.

For achieving the best outcome and effectiveness of the consultation with an independent expert, the patient needs to supply full medical information about his state of health.

To obtain the second opinion, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • complete medical record (it will supply the doctor with the information about the full list of diseases you had during childhood and in later years and which may affect the present state of your health; about any allergies to pharmaceuticals you might have; about any concomitant diseases, and all procedures and treatment methods prescribed for you earlier)
  • the latest medical comment of your treating physician or diagnostician (it is necessary to submit documents with full and complete description of the diagnosis, prescribed treatment, results of medical tests)
  • radiology (it is important to submit the results of all visualised examinations — USD, X-ray, MRI, CT, PET)
  • pathology (you may also provide your doctor with the paraffin blocks and glass slides for repeated examination and analysis). 

After studying all your medical documents, the doctor will make a medical comment presenting his opinion, confirm or put a different diagnose, propose the optimal method of treatment which will affect the patient’s health to the best advantage.

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