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Leisure Activities
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Leisure Activities

Medical tourism implies, apart from medical service and treatment abroad, also the possibility to acquaint yourself closer with other countries, their cultural peculiarities, customs, traditions, and resort recreation during the time off medical appointments.

If the aim of your visit is undergoing a comprehensive diagnostic examination, then you should plan your leisure activities for several days. During this time you can arrange for a rather tight programme. In the morning you could see the major sites of the city. The day could be filled with visiting local museums, galleries, shops and boutiques. And the evenings could be devoted to attending the theatre, opera, or concert.

Recovery at a resort or health centre supposes a course of procedures intended roughly for 2-3 weeks. During this time you will be able to not only see all the sights of the resort city, but also learn a lot about the culture and traditions of the country or even travel around several cities visiting the most prominent historical sites.

If you have arrived in the country for undergoing a treatment course or a surgical intervention, your leisure time is unlikely to be very activity-filled. However, even in this case it is possible to fit in a one- or two-day cultural programme. So as not to exhaust yourself and not to harm your organism while not yet fully recovered, you could arrange for a car sightseeing tour having previously consulted with your physician and medical supervisor. You might be able to visit local sights during your rehabilitation period.

Typically medical tourism facilitators offer the following options of organizing your leisure time during treatment and/or recovery:

  • Individual cultural and entertainment programme planned before your visit to the country
  • Tours that may be selected on the spot
  • Short walking and car tours around the city
  • Water tours
  • Booking theatre, opera, concert tickets
  • Reserving tables at restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Guided tours, etc.

Take note once again that while planning your visit you should consult with medical specialists or programme supervisors about recommended loads and free time available for you to fill with interesting activities. You can receive assistance in organising your leisure time not only from your medical tourism facilitators, but also from managers of medical centres, tourist and tour companies in the country of destination.

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