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Terms of Use
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Terms of Use

Web-portal Copyright. Terms of Use.

This provision (hereinafter – “Terms of Use”) pertains to the web-portal (hereinafter – the “Web-portal”), as well as other websites related to this Web-portal. This Web-portal is the property of the VERDYS Corporation Limited - International Company  (abbreviated as – the “Company”) rejistered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


VERDYS Corporation Limited. reserves the right to change, add or exclude particular provisions of these Terms of Use at any time and at its own discretion. Web-portal users bear individual responsibility for regular revision of these Terms of Use for possible changes. If you continue using the Web-portal after the changes have been made, it automatically implies your consent to all new changes.

Trademarks. Copyright

This Web-portal contains trademarks (brands) and service marks of VERDYS Corporation Limited, as well as other companies. The use of trademarks of VERDYS Corporation Limited. and/or other companies published on the Website without explicit written consent of these companies is prohibited.

All materials (see “Web-portal Content”) created by particular authors are protected by copyright law. Obtaining the permission for the use of Website materials is to be coordinated with the Company or the author of materials. Publication of any information, graphics, photos, and videos protected by copyright law shall be performed after prior agreement with the copyright holder.  

Information, photos, and other Web-portal content

All text information (texts), graphics (all images), photographs, videos, sounds, music, user and visual interfaces, software codes, trademark names, logotypes (jointly referred to as — “Web-portal Content”), including without limitation design, structure, options, coordination, overall appearance, overall style and position of this Content being the constituent part of the Web-portal, belong to VERDYS Corporation Limited or other copyright holders.

The Company or the persons authorized thereby administer, dispose of (in particular, transfer the right of use) the Web-portal Content protected by market regulations, copyright, patent right, and trademark legislation, as well as other rights related to intellectual property, and by the legislation of the UK on unfair competition. Web-portal Content use shall be understood as any reproduction, distribution, processing, and other methods stipulated by the effective legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Any use of the Web-portal Content is only permitted after prior notice to the Company administration, with mention of full link to the relevant material from the Web-portal. For example, make the following reference in the text of the article: “original source material by VERDYS Corporation Limited at”, and then insert the link to the publication from the Web-portal.

Except for cases specified in these Terms of Use, no part of the Web-portal Content may be copied, reproduced, published, distributed on the Internet, posted by mail, publically demonstrated, encoded, translated, transmitted, or distributed by any means to another computer, server, website, or any other carrier/for the purpose of publication, distribution, or any type of commercial use without prior written consent of the Company.

All Web-portal Content may be used exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes, which implies using it personally or through other people fully or in part without the purpose of making profit.

If intending to use the Web-portal Content for commercial purposes, it is necessary to coordinate the terms of such use directly with the Company administration.

Using information in restricted access

It is prohibited to attempt getting unauthorised (by means of cracking/hacking, password “analysis”, or any other unlawful methods) access to any part or feature of the Web-portal, any systems or networks pertaining to the Web-portal or any server of VERDYS Corporation Limited, services and information offered on the Web-portal for a fee or offered by the Company under a special agreement (e.g., Personal page).

It is strictly prohibited using the Web-portal and/or its Content (open or in restricted access) in any way for the purpose of determining or disclosing any information, in particular, personal information or information which may identify the persons (patients and others), whose data is restricted by the Web-portal administrator. The users are also prohibited to test the flaws in the Web-portal security system, as well as breach its security or authentication system. It is prohibited to perform reverse search, track or attempt tracking any information about any other Web-portal user or visitor.

All users automatically agree to undertake no actions which create inadequate load on the Web-portal infrastructure or the Company systems or networks. They also oblige not to use any devices, programmes or procedures for interference or attempted interference with the Web-portal workflow or any operations carried out on the Web-portal.

Purchasing and paying for services and products through the Web-portal

The Company may determine specific conditions in regard to purchase and conditions of payment for services through the Web-portal. Such conditions have priority over these Terms in case of any discrepancies.

If the services are paid for by credit cards or SMS-messages, the rules apply determined by the companies providing technical support and transaction management.

VERDYS Corporation Limited reserves the right to make changes to any products or services offered on the Web-portal, in particular, to change the prices thereof at any time and without notice.

The following provisions also regulate and expand over your use of the Web-portal and through this mention are included into these Terms of Use:


When working with the Web-portal and its Content the provisions apply which are compliant with the Company Policy in regard to information confidentiality.  

Company Policy in regard to information confidentiality includes gathering, using, and storing personal information of the Company Clients and Website visitors. Gathering of such information is possible at the time of purchasing services or during the telephone conversation with our personnel, participation in campaigns, voting on the Web-portal, sending feedback, etc.

The Company is committed to keep the confidentiality of the information obtained from clients. This pertains both to personal and any kind of medical information, family and intimate issues, blood relationships, adoption secrets, etc. 

The Company takes all necessary precautions, including administrative, technical, and physical measures, for protecting your personal information from theft, illegal use, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, change, or destruction.

In order to facilitate the integrity of our clients’ personal data, we familiarise all our staff members with the rules of confidentiality preservation and strictly adhere to the confidentiality policy inside the Company.

The Company does not usually require providing any personal information from the user for surfing the information on the Web-portal.

The Company does not bear responsibility for compliance with confidentiality policy on other websites, the links to which are placed on our Web-portal. When clicking on such links, confidentiality rules of the owners of the relevant websites apply.

The Company guarantees protection and nondisclosure of information obtained from clients. However, in some cases we may disclose personal information of clients and Web-portal users compliant to the demands of the law or court decision. In such cases, confidential information shall be disclosed in accordance with the relevant norms of the effective legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Using this Website each user understands that data transmission via Internet has never been absolutely confidential and safe. Any message or information sent to the Website may be read or intercepted by third parties, even with the contained notice that this particular posting (e.g., credit card information) is closed (encrypted).

Restriction of responsibility

VERDYS Corporation Limited shall perform its activities on the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as in other countries around the world in strict compliance with their national legislation.

The Company, its personnel and authorised persons bear no responsibility, excluding the cases stipulated by the legislation of the UK, for the quality and safety of services, as well as accuracy of information provided for publishing on this Web-portal by advertisers for promotion purposes. 

The citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other states must independently determine their actions in case of legislative restrictions in regard to receiving services offered by clinics and companies, as well as in other complicated situations which may arise in the country where they travelled after addressing the Company or obtaining information from this Web-Portal.

Violation of these Terms of Use

In case of violation of these Terms of Use, the Company reserves the right to disclose any available information of the Website user (including personal data) if such disclosure is required for crime investigation or trial proceedings on the case of unlawful use of Web-portal Content, or for identification for the purpose of filing a lawsuit against a person having breached (intentionally or not intentionally) the Company rights or infringed its property, right, and/or the property of the Web-portal visitors or users.

If a trial case is initiated resulting from the breach of these Terms of Use by a user of this Web-portal, VERDYS Corporation Limited reserves the right to charge against such user all compensations of barristers (representatives), as well as other expenses for such trial process in addition to any other methods of court defence to be used by the Company.

Legislation applied in dispute settlement. Jurisdiction

Web-portal users agree that all issues in regard to their access to the Website or using its Content shall be regulated by the UK legislation. The same provision pertains to dispute and any conflict situation settlement. All trial lawsuits in regard to such disputes that were not resolved through negotiations shall be filed to the respective court in London metropolitan area. As a Web-portal user you confirm that you renounce any objections against such jurisdiction or suability.

Feedback and comments

Any feedback left by users on the Web-portal shall not be considered confidential. Therefore, before sending your message (feedback) it is recommended to clearly determine the volume of information you want to provide. Obscene and unethical feedback shall be automatically removed from the Web-portal by the Web-portal Administrator. 

© 2015 VERDYS Corporation Limited. All rights reserved

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