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Transfer & Transportation
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Transfer & Transportation

Patient transfer and transportation is one of the most important services offered by medical tourism facilitators to their clients and attendants.

Patient transportation to a medical centre is no less challenging than treatment or checkup. Often a patient will have serious health conditions or severe traumas preventing his/her independent travel abroad for surgery or undergoing a treatment course. In this case the patient must be transported by a medical carriage complete with an array of special medical equipment: ventilators, anaesthesia systems, ECG, defibrillators, cardiac monitors, cardiac stimulators, etc., and necessarily attended by qualified medical staff. Air ambulance may also be used for transporting emergency patients. Transportation arrangement is especially hard for patients with spinal injuries, fractures, craniocerebral and other injuries.

Representatives of foreign medical centres usually meet the patient and attending persons at the airport or station. They can deliver the patient to the in-patient unit by a previously agreed type of transport — car, water, or even air. Transfer from the hotel or medical centre to the airport or station can also be provided to the patient and attending persons after the completion of treatment, checkup, recovery, or after surgical interventions and rehabilitation.

You can inquire about the availability of this service from your medical tourism facilitator or directly at your chosen medical centre.

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