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Visa Support
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Visa Support

Visa Support

Visiting many countries around the world requires a visa, which is a special permission for stay in the country during a limited period of time.

Drawing up of migration documentation is usually included into the package of organizational and legal services offered by specialised medical tourism facilitators.

In case you have made up your mind to travel abroad for a treatment or recovery course or for checkup, you need to obtain specifically a medical visitor visa. It is especially important to indicate exactly this purpose of travel abroad if you are planning to have a surgery. It will help further on to resolve an issue of extending your period of stay in the country in case any complications arise.

For each country there is a determined list of required documents for obtaining a medical visitor visa. Usually these include the following:

  • foreign passport;
  • colour photos;
  • filled in visa application;
  • passport copy;
  • foreign passport copy (if it is issued);
  • copy of a marriage certificate;
  • copy of child's birth certificate (if travelling with a child);
  • document certifying current employment  (certificate from the place of employment on a headed notepaper with indication of the position, employment date, salary rate for the last 6 months);
  • medical insurance;
  • excerpt from bank account records certifying your financial stability;
  • copies of documentation for your movable and immovable property (for some countries);
  • return air ticket or a reservation of air tickets, and other documents as the embassy requires.

Hold yourself ready that when reviewing your documents the embassy of your chosen country will check the purpose of your visit and request the confirmation from the clinic and/or doctor in charge of the prescribed stay of the patient in the clinic, information on the prescribed duration and cost of treatment, as well as on the advance payment of treatment, recovery or checkup. Moreover, the embassy (consulate) may also check the financial status of your accompanying person — residence confirmation, credit cards, excerpts from bank account records, etc.

If you need visa support for a medical trip to a particular country, send us a message and our operator will inform you where you need to apply for receiving the needed service.

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